We did! And we survived.

Our story begins in 2010 when we, Michael and Melissa, first met. Having a natural talent of food, combining flavors and cooking, Michael had a dream of one day opening his own restaurant. He worked in hotels and corporate dining for years and thought it would be easy and fun to have a place of his own.

Melissa, a marketer and pusher of dreams, loved to listen to Michael fantasize of being able to cook and prepare his own dishes, create unique and wonderful menu options and work when he wanted. They developed a name and logo, put together a preliminary menu (or eight) and continued with their daily lives and routines for roughly six more years.

One day, Michael mentioned to Melissa again about a new space that just became available in the small city of Liberty Hill and how it would make a great restaurant. Although she loved to listen to him, she had had enough and finally told Michael to either open a place or shut up. Feeling challenged, within three months of that conversation, Liberty Hill Bakery & Cafe opened.

Together, side-by-side, we worked, slept little, laughed a lot and questioned our decision many times. But with most odds against us, we were successful and managed to keep the lights on while serving wonderful food. After a year of the bakery, we decided to change concepts. We obtained our beer and wine permit, closed for breakfast during the week and opened for dinner.

Using the name and logo we dreamt of years ago, Malted Grains was finally born. And it was the best decision we have made yet. Simple food with mouth-watering flavor is Michael’s specialty. Sitting and having a glass of wine or a cold beer with our customers is Melissa’s specialty.

We love that you are here. We are thankful for Liberty Hill, the community and the friends we have made. We welcome you into our home and hope you enjoy your time spent with us. Come in. Slow down. Relax.

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Weekend Brunch

Friday Pizza

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We enjoy beer. We enjoy wine. And while we know what we like, we try to accommodate everyone. Four beers on tap that we try to keep full with Texas breweries. A variety of bottles. Don’t see what you like? Tell us… we may pick some up.

Wine is a fun little hobby. And we like to pair certain wines with our foods to compliment each other and so you will have a more flavorful experience. 

Malted Grains
1004 Loop 332
Liberty Hill, Texas 78642

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