shed the Quarantine15 challenge

We are excited to join forces with Rys Above Nutrition and Flock Fitness!

It's time for us to lose the pasta belly and we know we can't do it alone. Join us in our weight loss journey with the help of nutritious meals based on the popular Mediterranean Diet. Eat more vegetables and proteins and still enjoy a glass of red wine (moderately).  

Challenge runs June 4 - July 9. Register by May 30.

Visit Rys Above Nutrition for a free wellness profile and to record your starting weight. 

Visit Flock Fitness for a group fitness plan and consultation plus get 6 weeks of unlimited classes for $50. 

Visit us (Malted Grains) to pick up meals and snacks to help you along your way.  

(Only requirement for the challenge is to register below and visit Rys Above Nutrition to record your starting weight.)

Shown is a Sample 7 Day Meal Plan. Receive a 10% discount off any item purchased during the time of the challenge (once registration is confirmed). You can plan your day or your week - whatever works for you! We will try to accommodate dietary needs. Prices and availability will vary but for the most part Snacks will range in price of $3 - $5, Breakfast will range $5 - $8 and Lunch/Dinner will range $8 - $12. Also, please come talk with us about your dietary specific needs and we will see what all we can do.



Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Register by May 30!

To make it a real challenge and competition, we are requiring a $25 entry fee. All entry fees will be used for a monetary prize(s) at the end of the challenge. In addition, we will match the pot up to $250. Because...we can all be motivated by money.   

Once you are registered, you will receive an email or phone call from Nicole Rysdyke with Rys Above Nutrition to set up an appointment. She will record your starting weight and provide a FREE wellness profile (if desired).