Athena One Health Emr

Samaritan OB/GYN relies on athenahealth’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system to maintain comprehensive patient medical records. This web-based system is not only user-friendly but also convenient, providing Dr. Stephen Schuermann the flexibility to access patient records from any location and at any time. Gone are the days of having to physically visit the office to retrieve medical records. Whether he’s on vacation or occupied with other responsibilities, Dr. Stephen Schuermann can conveniently access his patients’ medical information from the comfort of his home.

Reasons to Choose Athenahealth EMR

If you’re in search of an EMR system that seamlessly integrates health records, telemedicine, and payment systems, you’ve likely come across Athenahealth EMR. This solution is specifically designed to meet the demands of modern-day patient care. The patient portal allows individuals to view their medical history, schedule appointments, make payments, and request prescription refills. Furthermore, athenahealth offers a mobile application that enables patients to access their information and medical charts.

Athenahealth also boasts a comprehensive suite of billing tools, including athenaNet. This tool is designed to maximize revenue collection by minimizing claim denials, ensuring timely payment, and providing valuable reports. While athenahealth doesn’t handle the entire billing process, it offers guidance that can significantly enhance the productivity of in-house billers and coders. However, it doesn’t provide a complete outsourced revenue cycle management program, which encompasses all aspects of billing and coding.

Athenahealth EMR delivers cloud-based services for healthcare providers, including physicians. These products are designed to be user-friendly, even for those who are new to EMR systems, leading to a higher rate of user adoption. Additionally, Athenahealth EMR is more cost-effective compared to many competitors, allowing for better care delivery without straining financial resources. The availability of a mobile app enables doctors to work remotely, while the system also offers an automatic patient portal.

Unique Features of AthenaHealth EMR


Athenahealth is a specialized EMR vendor, offering multiple solutions tailored to different specialties and earning recognition through industry awards. AthenaOne EMR provides competitive pricing without hidden fees or contractual commitments. It also offers seamless integration with third-party applications. The company is expanding its services to cater to smaller hospitals as well.

AthenaOne EMR streamlines and enhances patient care by organizing and optimizing various administrative tasks. The software supports physicians by tracking orders, facilitating follow-up processes, and ensuring compliance with the latest quality standards through embedded quality rules and best practices. The athenahealth EMR reduces administrative burdens and boosts productivity, resulting in increased revenue for medical practices.

Users can securely log into athenaNet using their credentials, with the option of utilizing face or touch ID for added convenience. The platform also aids clinicians in achieving a better work-life balance by streamlining the charting process. The robust application efficiently manages data, including health-related documents, allowing healthcare providers to focus on delivering personalized care. The system is designed to handle up to four patients simultaneously.

Athenahealth Billing Tool

For a billing tool designed to maximize profitability, the Athenahealth EMR is an excellent choice. The platform includes a dedicated medical biller who handles charge posting, E&M code creation, and billing scrubbing. It can file claims and perform scrubbing in as little as eight seconds, leaving you with the simple task of submitting the bill.

Athenahealth’s patient charting feature provides a comprehensive overview of a patient’s medication history, active medications, recent refills, and even allows for new prescription orders. The system also offers a labs tab for reviewing recent test results and ordering new tests, while providing alerts for potential drug interactions and patient allergies.

Athenahealth has an extensive provider network encompassing over 160,000 providers and serving more than 100 million patients. By leveraging data from these providers, athenahealth aims to improve patient care and eliminate gaps in healthcare delivery. Additionally, Athenahealth offers consultative support to help optimize scheduling policies, track collections, and enhance billing processes, enabling healthcare providers to focus their efforts on high-value segments of the market.

Cloud-Based Services by AthenaHealth

The athenahealth EMR cloud-based service provides a comprehensive healthcare solution, trusted by over 160,000 medical providers and serving 106 million patients. Notable customers include New York-Presbyterian, CareWell Urgent Care, and Trinity Health. The platform offers user-friendly and intuitive features, streamlining medical billing and administrative tasks. It seamlessly integrates clinical equipment, patient engagement capabilities, and professional services to optimize both financial and clinical outcomes. With no hidden fees and the ability to customize the patient portal, patients can securely communicate with their healthcare providers while maintaining data privacy.

Athenahealth also offers mobile health software and cloud-based services to enhance clinical productivity. The user-friendly software requires minimal training, contributing to higher user adoption rates. Moreover, the cost-effectiveness of athenahealth compared to its competitors allows healthcare providers to deliver better patient care without straining their budget. In summary, athenahealth is an excellent option for healthcare providers seeking a cloud-based EMR solution. For more information on trying out their EMR system, refer to this article.

Cost Considerations

The cost of Athenahealth EMR varies depending on the selected features. The base plan starts at approximately $140 per month per provider. However, advanced features and integration with third-party applications may require additional investment. Additional costs may arise if you need to scale your staff or expand service offerings. For small practices, the cost of Athenahealth EMR should not pose a significant issue.

While the cost of Athenahealth EMR is not based on the number of physicians using the system, it’s important to note that the software can be complex. Utilizing all the features can result in an annual cost of up to $9,400. Furthermore, there may be additional expenses such as data migration and training sessions. For instance, importing 1,000 patient records and conducting multiple training sessions can increase startup costs by approximately $1,000.

The typical users of Athenahealth EMR are practices with ten to fifty employees, earning between $1 and $10 million annually. This makes it an ideal solution for smaller practices seeking a cloud-based EMR with robust back-office capabilities while avoiding the maintenance costs associated with servers and private hosting. However, it’s important to note that the software is also suitable for larger organizations.

Athenahealth Brand and Considerations

Athenahealth EMR is highly regarded as one of the most popular EMR software programs, boasting an overall score of 4.8. However, like any solution, it has its drawbacks. Some users find that the software requires too many clicks and can be challenging to navigate. Additionally, its pricing structure may not be as competitive, and increased competition in the health IT industry has impacted the company’s profitability. Weighing the pros and cons is crucial when selecting an EMR software provider.

Although Athenahealth EMR faced some challenges before being taken private, it remains one of the largest cloud-based EMRs in the United States. The company experienced declining revenue and disappointing bookings in a highly competitive industry. Nonetheless, under new ownership, there is a determined effort to rapidly grow the company and establish a comprehensive digital care network. While many medical practitioners appreciate the platform’s simplicity, others may have reservations about its pricing.

Final Verdict

Athenahealth offers a range of cloud-based services and mobile health software that make it a compelling choice for healthcare providers. The user-friendly nature of the software ensures that even those without extensive IT expertise can easily navigate and utilize the system. Additionally, Athenahealth’s affordability compared to other EMR solutions is a significant advantage, allowing healthcare providers to deliver high-quality care without straining their financial resources. The wide array of third-party integrations further enhances its competitiveness in the market.

The AthenaOne cloud-based EMR solution stands out for its organization and effectiveness in patient care. It streamlines medical billing and administrative tasks, providing support for physicians in tracking orders and ensuring compliance with industry standards. The embedded quality rules and best practices enable doctors to access the latest quality standards, promoting adherence to guidelines and regulations. By reducing administrative burdens and improving productivity, the athenahealth EMR helps medical practices increase their revenue.

The system’s secure log-in process, coupled with features like face or touch ID authentication, enhances accessibility and data protection. Clinicians benefit from a streamlined charting process, allowing them to focus on patient care while the robust application tracks all relevant data. Designed to handle multiple patients simultaneously, the athenahealth EMR offers efficiency and convenience in healthcare delivery.

The Athenahealth billing tool is particularly noteworthy for its profit maximization capabilities. With a dedicated medical biller on staff, the platform handles charge posting, E&M code creation, and billing scrubbing. The software’s ability to file and scrub claims in a matter of seconds streamlines the billing process, freeing up time for healthcare providers to focus on other aspects of patient care.

Athenahealth’s comprehensive provider network, consisting of over 160,000 providers and serving more than 100 million patients, enables the company to gather valuable data for improving patient care and avoiding gaps in treatment. The consultative approach offered by AthenaHealth supports healthcare providers in optimizing scheduling policies, tracking collections, and enhancing billing processes, resulting in more effective resource allocation and revenue generation.

As a cloud-based EMR service, Athenahealth offers a complete healthcare solution that has been widely adopted by hospitals, clinics, and physician practices across the United States. The platform’s user-friendly interface and intuitive design simplify medical billing and administrative tasks, while its integration with clinical equipment and patient engagement capabilities ensures optimal financial and clinical outcomes. With transparent pricing and customizable patient portals, Athenahealth prioritizes user satisfaction and data security.

While the cost of Athenahealth EMR varies based on selected features, the base plan offers affordability for small practices. The software is suitable for practices with a modest number of employees and annual revenues ranging from $1 to $10 million. By eliminating the need for server maintenance and private hosting, Athenahealth EMR helps smaller practices save costs while still benefiting from robust features.

Athenahealth EMR has gained recognition as one of the leading EMR software programs, although it is not without its drawbacks. Some users have found the system to require excessive clicks and have encountered challenges with its user interface. Additionally, the pricing structure may not be as competitive as some alternatives, and the company has faced profitability issues in the past. Evaluating the pros and cons of Athenahealth EMR is essential to determine its suitability for individual practice needs.

In conclusion, Athenahealth EMR offers a compelling set of cloud-based services and mobile health software that cater to the needs of healthcare providers. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and competitive pricing, it presents a viable option for practices seeking an efficient and cost-effective EMR solution. By streamlining administrative tasks and enhancing patient care, Athenahealth EMR empowers healthcare providers to deliver high-quality services while maximizing their financial and clinical outcomes.