Breaking Fashion Norms: Mixing Gold and Silver Jewelry

In the realm of fashion, rules are meant to be broken. The act of transgressing established norms unleashes a powerful force that sparks creativity and drives innovation, leading to the blending of concepts, materials, and colors traditionally deemed incompatible.

One prime example of this trend is the combination of silver and gold jewelry, two materials that were once considered diametrically opposed but are now boldly mixed without hesitation. Layered necklaces, intertwined rings and bracelets, and interchanged earrings adorn and complement numerous stylish ensembles showcased by social media influencers and street style photographers.

Embracing the Mix: Silver and Gold Jewelry

Many jewelry brands themselves are embracing this combination, evident in collections like Tous’ “Icon Mesh,” which seamlessly blends both materials. High-profile fashion shows, including those by Chloé and Marc Jacobs, have also featured stylish and modern combinations of gold and silver accessories.

For those looking to embrace this trend and create original looks by pairing gold and silver jewelry, S Moda presents twelve suggestions for success:


One of the easiest ways to embrace the mix is by layering necklaces, chokers, or chains of gold and silver. Mixing designs of different sizes, tones, or lengths can achieve an authentic effect. Consider incorporating pieces like the delicate sterling silver necklace from Tous (available at El Corte Inglés), a long yellow gold-plated chain from PDPAOLA, or a textured metallic choker from Lefties for added flair.


Rings offer a subtle way for less adventurous individuals to experiment with mixing metals. Opt for wearing a gold ring on one finger and a silver ring on the other hand, stack similar designs on the same finger, or play with proportions. Explore options like the four-threaded gold ring set from Singularu, a butterfly-shaped ring from Maje, or a delicate Sézane brass ring with fine lines.


Similar to necklaces, bracelets offer endless possibilities for layering and stacking. Consider purchasing several identical bracelets in different tones, combining rigid pieces with more delicate ones, or opting for designs that allow for interchangeable charms. Pair the gold-plated Big Rope bracelet from Singularu with a five-loop silver bracelet from Lefties or the thick rigid bracelet from H&M, available in both silver and gold tones.


Earrings provide a simple yet effective way to mix gold and silver jewelry. Experiment with sizes, from discreet studs to statement hoops, or opt for intricate designs with embedded stones or beads. For those with multiple ear piercings, mix and match earrings of both tones on the same ear or wear different designs on each lobe. Explore options like the polished silver hoop earrings from María Black available at Farfetch or the Tous Basic model for a slightly thicker look, which can be paired with geometric gold earrings from Lefties.

By embracing the blend of gold and silver jewelry, fashion enthusiasts can express their individuality, push boundaries, and create stunning and unconventional looks that defy traditional fashion norms. With the freedom to mix and match, the possibilities are endless, offering endless opportunities for self-expression and creativity in the world of fashion.