Cyrus Shahi,Mahmonir Shahi Introduce

Mahmonir Shahi was born Mah Monir Soroush Azar in Spain. Her father was an Iranian, and her mother was Spanish. Mahmonir possesses a flourishing career as an adept interior designer. The mention of the name “Shahi” might have evoked a sense of familiarity. You may have connected it to the renowned actress, Sarah Shahi. Fortunately, Mahmonir is indeed her mother. Sarah attained fame through her remarkable portrayals in acclaimed television series.

Personal Life

Mahmonir entered into matrimony with Abbas Jahansouz Shahi, an Iranian gentleman. Abbas held an official position at the American embassy in Iran. Unfortunately, the downfall of the last Shah regime ushered a transformation in his life. He found himself condemned to execution. Abbas fled his homeland a couple of years prior to the Iranian Revolution, in a valiant endeavor to safeguard his existence.

Mahmonir’s union with Abbas bore three offspring: Cyrus Shahi (a valiant soldier), Sarah Shahi (a distinguished actress), and Samantha Shahi (a proficient production assistant). As a devoted spouse and mother, Mahmonir extended unwavering support to Sarah’s vocation during her formative years. However, Mahmonir and her husband ultimately dissolved their marital bond.


Mahmonir’s daughter, the illustrious Sarah Shahi, stands as a prominent figure in the realm of acting. She commenced her career as a model at the tender age of eight and participated in esteemed beauty pageants. It was her parents who propelled her into these competitions. Regrettably, they parted ways when she reached the age of ten. Sarah showcased her theatrical prowess extensively throughout her academic and collegiate years, obtaining a degree in English and Theater. Notably, she emerged victorious in the Miss Fort Worth pageant of 1997.

Sarah Shahi ascended to fame through her captivating performance in the television series “Life.” She presently ranks among the most sought-after thespians in the film industry. Maxim magazine’s “Hot 100 of 2005” acknowledged her presence at the notable 90th spot. In subsequent years, she climbed to the positions of 66th in 2006 and 36th in 2012, based on the same criteria.

Mahmonir’s daughter, the actress of repute, secured various guest roles in both films and television series during the nascent stage of her acting odyssey. Subsequently, Sarah attained a leading role in “Life,” a captivating television series, wherein she co-starred alongside Damian Lewis. She has graced the silver screen in several noteworthy films, including “Rush Hour 3,” “Crossing Over,” “Shades of Ray,” and more.

Apart from her aspirations of becoming an actress, Sarah holds a profound passion for sports. In her school years, she captained both the volleyball and basketball teams. In 1999, she attained a coveted position as one of the Dallas Cowboys’ cheerleaders. Her radiant visage graced the cover of the cheerleading squad’s calendar in 2000. Additionally, she boasts a dan black belt in Shorin-Ryu karate, having attained mastery in the martial arts during her youth.

In 2009, Sarah joined in matrimony with Steve Howey, a fellow actor. From their union, she bore a son. Their conjugal bond further blossomed with the birth of twins—a daughter and a son—in 2015. Unfortunately, the couple chose to part ways in 2021. As of 2020, Sarah Shahi’s net worth was estimated at $3 million, inclusive of her income, assets, and holdings. She presently commands an annual salary exceeding $700,000.


Mahmonir Shahi is blessed with three grandchildren: William Wolf Howey, Violet Moon Howey, and Knox Blue Howey. These cherished souls were brought into this world through the gentle embrace of water home birth.

Just as the accomplished interior designer Mahmonir Shahi has flourished, her three children have achieved commendable success in their respective fields. While her eldest, Cyrus, dutifully serves in the military, Sarah has garnered widespread acclaim for her artistic prowess. Furthermore, Samantha thrives splendidly as a skilled production assistant. Mahmonir’s stature as the mother of the illustrious actress Sarah Shahi has garnered her additional recognition.