Vincent Kotchounian,Died Margie Hendricks Son Charles Wayne,Arlette Kotchounian

Vincent Kotchounian is the progeny of the celebrated American Pop vocalist, Ray Charles, and the Parisian Photographer and lyricist, Arlette Kotchounian.

He is renowned for being the scion of the esteemed Ray Charles.

Ray was a virtuoso pianist, mellifluous singer, maestro bandleader, and prolific composer. He is hailed as the architect of soul music, an artful fusion of rhythm and blues, gospel, and jazz, thus earning him the title “The progenitor of soul.” Among his chart-toppers are Unchain My Heart and Georgia On My Mind.

Vincent’s Personal Life

In 1967, Vincent came into this world, blessed by Ray and Arlette, in the city of Los Angeles.

His father was a man of passions and affections, fathering twelve offspring with ten different women, making him a preeminent jazz musician with a vast progeny. His first daughter, Evelyn, was born from Louise Flowers, and later, he had three sons—Ray Jr., David, and Robert—with his second wife, Della Bea.

He subsequently became entwined with Margie Hendricks, leading to the birth of his son, Charles Wayne. He entered into a liaison with Mae Mosley, resulting in a daughter named Renee.

Gloria Moffet bore him a son, Robyn, and his youngest son, Ryan, was born from Mary Anne den Bok. Additionally, there is a daughter named Aretha from an unnamed woman, and there are paramours scattered across the globe with whom he fathered more children.

While his parents enjoyed fame, Vincent deliberately remained in the shadows, shrouding his life in mystery, with little known about him.

Early Life and Career

Details regarding Vincent’s formative years and professional pursuits remain elusive.

However, his father, Ray, was born in Albany, Georgia, in 1932. Struck by blindness at an early age, he lost his right eye at the tender age of seven. Despite his impairment, he honed his musical talents by mastering the piano, saxophone, and clarinet. Upon graduating, he embarked on a musical odyssey across Florida, performing alongside country and western ensembles. Gradually transitioning to rhythm and blues, he later relocated to Seattle and established his band, the McSon Trio.

Eventually settling in Los Angeles, Ray continued his prolific recording and performing career.

In 1954, he ushered in the era of Soul music, skillfully merging jazz and gospel, with his iconic rendition of Georgia On My Mind in 1959, later adopted as the official anthem of Georgia.

His discography boasts several albums, including The Best of Ray Charles and Love Affair. In addition to his musical achievements, he graced the silver screen in films such as Spy Hard, The Blues Brothers, and Ballad in Blue.

Honored with 10 Grammy Awards by the esteemed National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Ray Charles left an indelible mark on the world of music.

Vincent’s Net Worth

As previously mentioned, Vincent has assiduously maintained a low-profile existence, leaving his professional life and net worth veiled in secrecy.

Yet, his father, Ray Charles, amassed an estimated net worth of $75 million at the time of his passing.

Wrapping Up

Though Vincent Kotchounian’s financial standing remains enigmatic, he hails from a sturdy lineage. Regrettably, upon his demise, Ray Charles directed much of his assets to his charitable foundation. This resulted in contentious disputes between his children and manager, Adams, regarding the administration of his legacy, image rights, and promised benefits.